Johanna Winters

Spring Hustle

The first warm currents of spring brought about the completion of my winter residency at Guttenberg Arts. Within a week ¬†of packing and shipping off my studio supplies, I had moved back to the Midwest, and also accepted ¬†admission at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville’s MFA printmaking program. It’s good to be back in the familiar Wisconsin landscape for a short while and reflect on the past season of art-making.


Pledging allegiance to the noble state of Wisconsin at the Stillmank Brewery, home of the Wisco Disco Amber Ale.


Northerlandish Menagerie is a joint exhibition by myself and fellow printmaker Don Krumpos that opened this spring at Columbia College in Missouri. Each of us exhibited recent prints portraying a cast of impish characters that consider ideas about nostalgia, ritual, failure, and the follies of human nature and personal myth.


One half of Northerlandish Menagerie.


Captivated by the curious work of Shreyas Karle and his Museum Shop of Fetish Objects at the New Museum’s 2015 Triennial in NYC.


I was also mesmerized by Wael Shawky’s marionettes from his exquisite Cabaret Crusades at MOMA PS1.


Four of the eight intaglio prints that were part of my final series at as an artist-in-residence at Guttenberg Arts.



The second part of the print series I created at Guttenberg Arts.