Johanna Winters

New Digs in New Jersey

I am delighted to be participating in the Guttenberg Arts Residency Program in Guttenberg, NJ this winter and spring. Situated just across the Hudson from Manhattan’s Upper West Side, Guttenberg Arts is a new non-profit arts organization that provides space, time, and exhibition opportunities to emerging printmakers. For artists hailing from outside the tri-state area, the residency also offers a convenient proximity to the countless museums, galleries, and art spaces throughout this dense land mass.

I’ve schlepped my essential belongings from Wisconsin, and am now getting accustomed to my new surroundings (and becoming more savvy about public transportation schedules and fares). Though I miss the open and natural spaces of the Midwest, the distinct landscape here straddling the Hudson River is very much worth exploring.

The residency culminates in early April with a group exhibit, showcasing work by the three current artists in residence. Until then I’ll be keeping my Midwestern antics in check out here in the big city, and making a goodly amount of prints!

I don’t think I’ll tire of the Manhattan skyline views.

I'm looking forward to getting inky in the studio at Guttenberg Arts.

I’m looking forward to getting inky in the studio at Guttenberg Arts.


The Jersey Highlands on a winter morn.