Johanna Winters

Bad Mitten

This February  I completed a  collaborative project titled ‘Bad Mitten’ with fellow graduate student MaryAnne Carey. Performed as a live event in downtown Knoxville, MaryAnne and I  played repetitive rounds of tetherball while wearing larger-than-life puppet heads. In between each round, we carried out a baptism-like ritual while our ‘Master of Ceremonies’ kept score.  We considered this performance to be about power imbalance, redemption, ritual, humor, and  shame. 

Bad Mitten: This One and That One (detail)

This One and That One.

Bad Mitten (detail)

This One and That One (detail).

Bad Mitten: Baptism (detail)

The Baptism (detail).

Bad Mitten : Baptism (detail)

The Baptism (detail).

Bad Mitten: The Minister and the Dunce (detail)

The Minster and the Dunce (detail).